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Seagull badly injured by fish hooks

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

An early morning phone call from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at Eumundi turned into a search for a seagull with fishing hooks in its beak. Once located we realised that this seagull was in a bad way.

We carefully rescued the little one and then rushed him to the caring staff at Greencross Vets / Animal Emergency Centre where they were able to X-Ray it and show us the extent of the seagulls injuries.

This poor little one had two large hooks in its throat. Unfortunately this seagull was peacefully euthanised due to the extent of its injuries.

Although seagulls are one of the most common seabirds you will see around, they are a very important species in our ecosystems.

This seagull is a sad reminder to fish responsibly. Please remember to look out for wildlife when going fishing and follow these simple tips below to help protect wildlife.

  • Do not cast where birds are active.

  • Be aware of your surrounding when you’re casting out or reeling in, look out for trees and animals.

  • Do not cut the line if you accidentally hook a bird or animal. Instead seek assistance to help gently contain or hold the animal and call a local wildlife rescue group for help.

  • Never leave behind hooks, fishing line, tackle or bait bags.

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