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A rescue mission to save Charlie the Pelican.

We received a call from Wilvos as a member of the public spotted a nd reported a Pelican seemingly lifeless, laying in the mangroves on Lake Weyba.

We launched the kayak and travelled over 1km whilst searching for Charlie.

When we finally found her she was laying in the mangroves trying to keep her head above water whilst being attacked by a large bird of prey. We got to her just in time.

We got her onboard the kayak and started the return journey to get her specialised care asap.

Once Charlie was made warm and comfortable she was transported to the wonderful team at the Animal Emergency Centre /Greencross Vets to receive immediate treatment and was later placed in the loving care of Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue.

Charlie was suffering from a disease called botulism which is not uncommon in seabirds.

The good news is that Charlie is now recovering well and should return to full health in the near future so she can return to the wild.

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