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Image by Craig Manners



Wildlife Noosa Ltd is a Not-for-Profit Charity which undertakes rescues and the immediate care of all animals, (including domestic pets and livestock), that are ill, injured or 'at risk' of injury in the greater Noosa region.

Our Mission:


To alleviate suffering of animals by providing resources such as rescue and transport equipment and trained staff and volunteers to assist animals in need.

Our Vision:


  • In the year 2040, for there to be a comprehensive network of volunteers and trained staff in the Noosa region who can provide an emergency response to any and all animals in need.


  • That safe practices are introduced for waste products such as netting, fishing lines, plastics and rubbish so that fewer animals are impacted by these human interactions.


Wildlife Noosa has been conducting animal rescues in the Noosa region for over 10 years, rescuing approximately 2400 animals during that time. Currently, 800 animals per year are being rescued by Wildlife Noosa, and it is anticipated to grow to an average of 1000 by end 2025.

Our work includes water rescues (Noosa River, Lakes & close off shore), and land rescues at Noosa Heads, Noosa North Shore, Tewantin, Noosaville, the beaches and the hinterland.


Sealife rescues include sea birds such as Pelicans, who are often unwell from drinking river water after rain (which can lead to botulism), or caught up in netting and fishing lines. Our land rescues include koalas, bats, possums, kangaroos, snakes and other animals hurt, trapped or ‘in need’.


The founder of Wildlife Noosa, William Watson, is the Chief Operating Officer and Rescue Manager. William undertakes the rescues where ever possible 7 days per week, day or night. He also trains other Wildlife Noosa volunteers to rescue and transport injured, sick or ‘at risk’ animals to short term care as appropriate.


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