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Saving two labs from Sheep Island

Wildlife Noosa is an Animal Rescue Organisation that will attend any animal rescue where needed, if and when able to do so.

I was called by a friend who noticed a post on the Noosa Community Notice Board a couple of years back.

Two Labradors had escaped the grip of their carer and had taken off chasing a Brush Turkey but did not return around the Old Tewantin area, near the river bank.

I offered to help search as there was concern for the dogs being tied together. We searched for most of the day but called it off until the still of night, where I have found locating lost dogs the best time. Luckily it was a still night.

At around 1.00am I started calling Rosey and Poppy from where they had gone missing. I could hear the faintest of barks and had followed the barking to where I could access the closest point.

These two adventurous Labs had decided to swim over to Sheep Island. Thanks to Google Maps, I located an old narrow boardwalk which was the closest access point to where the barking was coming from, however it stoped at the edge of the river and then continued on Sheep Island. The boardwalk was raised above all the thick mangroves, but was only about 1.5 foot wide on the island.

Before crossing the river I rang the carer (now a friend) Talina to let her know the dogs were on the island. Talina met with me before swimming across.

I swam across and had to climb up onto the old wobbly boardwalk as the mangroves were too thick to get through. The dogs had also found the boardwalk and tried to walk along it, from the other end. When I got to them I found that one had fallen from the boardwalk and the rope was caught between the planks, pinning the other down on the boardwalk.

Thankfully the one hanging off was just able to stand on it's back legs or I doubt either would have made it.

After cutting them free, I was able to carry one at a time to the edge of the river and drop them in where Talina was able to call them over.

On walks, Rosey and Poppy have not left Talina's side since.



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